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5 Fantasy Recommendations

Good morning, everyone! Today I thought I’d write up a post that’s especially fun for me, and hopefully you find some enjoyment in it, too! I’m a pretty avid reader, my books-of-choice being fantastic stories of magic, love, and adventure. If you like beautiful prose with a story that feels like a fairytale, take a look at these recommendations below. These five books are some of my absolute favorites! Stardust To win a woman’s love, a young man promises to bring her a fallen star. It seems to have landed… Read more 5 Fantasy Recommendations

Modern Modesty

In exploring femininity, this week we’ve come to a traditionally-feminine quality that can be a bit controversial: modesty. Until recently, modesty isn’t something I’d given much thought, to tell you the truth. I’m pretty shy and reserved by nature, so I tend to naturally avoid immodesty to protect my privacy. Still, when reading about traditional definitions of feminine nature, I had to wonder if the sense of embarrassment I feel when drawing attention to myself through clothing or boastfulness is really a feminine trait and not just a matter of… Read more Modern Modesty

Growing in Compassion

Since the start of this blog, I’ve been making a post each Monday to talk about the defining traits of a feminine woman: nurturance, gentleness, compassion, modesty, and creativity. This week I’d like to focus on compassion, the ability to empathize with another person and the desire to ease their suffering. A compassionate woman can be a powerful force for good in the world. When many people are quick to take sides and demonize anyone different from themselves, a voice of true empathy cuts through like a candle in the… Read more Growing in Compassion